Lenten Devotion (4/1)

Wednesday, April 1

Psalm 15
Lord, who may dwell in your tabernacle?
              Who may abide upon your holy hill?
Those who lead a blameless life and do what is right,
              who speak the truth from their heart;
they do not slander with the tongue, they do no evil to their friends;
they do not cast discredit upon a neighbor.
In their sight the wicked are rejected, but they honor those who fear the Lord.
They have sworn upon their health and do not take back their word.
They do not give their money in hope of gain, nor do they take bribes against the innocent.
Those who do these things shall never be overthrown.

Good and gracious God, we know that we are unworthy even to undo your sandal, and yet you love us without reservation. Despite our sinful nature, you invite us into your church, your holy of holies, your family, and you welcome us with open arms. Let us come into your presence with humble hearts, to hear your Word and receive your Spirit, so that we may go and bear good fruit to a world in need. To God alone be all glory. Amen.

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