Teams and Committees


Property is lead by Mark Beins and Glenn Mueller who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the building and grounds. This includes short term and long term planning and prioritizing of work to be done.

Shepherding Team

This team, led by Irene Desmond, provides home visits, telephone support, and always prayer support for members of the congregation. Each family is assigned a shepherd who will build connections and communication. The shepherds remember and acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. The shepherds are available when our members need them.


Stewardship is lead by Bill Billeau. In consultation with the pastor, a stewardship program is developed and implemented to nurture and further faithful stewardship practices by all members of the congregation..

Annual Car Show!!!

This team plans and executes the annual car show in September with help from others in the congregation as part of the outreach of the congregation. This years Car Show will be on September 9, 10 AM – 4PM. Come and join in the fun for everyone!

Worship Committee

This committee is led by Elizabeth Carr who works with the pastor to design and plan the congregation’s worship life. The committee helps to gather worship assistants including lectors, assisting ministers, ushers, and an alter guild. They also provide support for the congregation’s music program.

Education Committee

This committee has responsibility for the Christian education programs of the congregation, including Sunday School.

Congregational Vitality Team

This team is co-led by Erle Craig and Laurie Brown. They work to develop plans and implement changes that enhance the mission of the congregation. This group works on initiatives identified in our Ministry Site Profile, or by council, the pastor, or other committees/teams.

Mutual Ministry Team

This team is led by Erle Craig and Laurie Brown and meets in conjunction with the Congregational Vitality Team. The vision for this team is to facilitate improved communication between the pastor, staff, and congregation in order to strengthen the ministries of Living Christ. Listening and discussing are the primary activities of this group. Recommendations may be made to council or other committees/teams when appropriate. Members of this team will be nominated by the pastor or council president and approved by council.

To join one of these Teams/Committees, contact the chairperson or team leader or contact the church secretary with the button below who will inform the appropriate leader to contact you.

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