Lenten Devotion (3/30)

Monday, March 30th

Reflections on Bearing Fruit

“It is taught that good works should and must be done, not that a person relies on them to earn grace, but for God’s sake and to God’s praise. Faith alone always takes hold of grace and forgiveness of sin. Because the Holy Spirit is given through faith, the heart is also moved to do good works.”
— The Augsburg Confession, Article XX on Good Works

“I am found by a divine love that is unconditional and yet has expectations. Love does not keep space for cruelty or violence. Love laid down laws about leaving enough for the poor to glean and sacrificing only what a family could afford. With every lie the world told about the glory of power and the power of glory, love blows against it…I am called to act in love for others. The love of God is not reserved only for me. Love is meant to knit us into community, into belief practiced in active love for our neighbor (who is, inconveniently, best described by Jesus as anyone in need).
— Emmy Kegler, One Coin Found

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