Lenten Devotion (3/23)

Monday, March 23rd

Reflections on Seeking Life

“Like Martha, you are used to thinking of the resurrection of the dead as something that will take place in the future, at the last day. Like her, you are mystified by Jesus’ flat assertion that the resurrection is already here and that eternal life is right now…The reconciling climax is somehow present at every moment of the historical process, that the end is in the beginning and the beginning in the end, and that the Christ who shows up for the first time in the middle is the Alpha and Omega as well…We are already risen with Christ [and] we are already fellow citizens with the saints in the City of God.”
— Robert Farrar Capon, Between Noon and Three

“Christian hope is not limited to the fulfillment of individual life. It insists that personal and communal fulfillment are inseparable. Christians thus work and hope for the transformation of life in community. As individuals we know that our lives are intimately intertwined with those of friends and neighbors near and far. When by grace we rise above our egocentricity, we realize that there can be no salvation for us as persons apart from the transformation of the many communities and institutions to which we belong: family, society, humanity as a whole.
— Daniel L. Migliore, Faith Seeking Understanding

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