Lenten Devotion (3/16)

Monday, March 16th

Reflections on Striving for God’s Reign

“We are always reforming on the journey towards the Beloved Kingdom, the heavenly kingdom on earth, which is the site of  union with God and, ipso facto, is a place where righteousness and justice will be realized. The journey, this pursuit of God’s truth for our lives, means a dedication to a process of 
transformation for the sake of gaining ultimate liberation of our mind, bodies, and soul. “
— Pamela R. Lightsey, Our Lives Matter

“Reconciliation is the pursuit of the impossible— an upside-down world where those who are powerful have relinquished that power to the margins. It’s reimagining an entirely different way of being with one another. Reconciliation require imagination. It requires looking beyond what is to what could be. It looks        beyond intentions to real outcomes, real hurts, real histories. How just, how equitable can our efforts be? What would it take to enact reparations, to make all things right? Reconciliation is what Jesus does. When sin and brokenness and evil tore us from God, it was Jesus who reconciled us, whose body imagined a different relationship, who took upon himself the cross and     became peace.”
— Austin Channing Brown, I’m Still Here

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