A Season of Global Awareness

The Central States Synod has designated the Epiphany Season as a “Season of Global Awareness,” as voting members decided at Synod Assembly in June 2019. This congregation will spend the next five Sundays (Jan. 19-Feb. 6) celebrating the global church.

We set aside this time to be reminded of the Christ movement that takes place not only in our congregation, community, and country, but also around the world. Just as we gather in faith, so do our siblings internationally.

We will keep the global church before us in a number of ways. Each Sunday, our worship will focus on a different area of the world. We will sing hymns and use bread familiar to that area. In this way we will experience some of the cultural practices from Europe, Africa, Spanish-speaking regions, North America, and Asia.

In our prayers we will remember various efforts and partnership in global mission: for the missionaries sent and supported by the ELCA; for Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGMs); for our Companion Synods in Papua New Guinea and Russia; and for the church throughout the world, especially in places facing trials and enduring suffering like Syria, Egypt, and Sudan.

Our adult forum time will include opportunities to learn about mission and ministry across the synod, country, and world. We will hear from Jacob Spilker at Camp Tomah Shinga in Kansas, and Pr. Keith Holste on behalf of the Companion Synod Team. The Bridge will be joining us with a Fair Trade pop-up booth. We will also spend a Sunday exploring various images of Christ. 

Our time of worship and education will be full as we lift up and support the global church in just a few ways. Join us during this season of global awareness, that we may see the manifestation of Christ in the world. May our encounters with Christ transform us for witness and service to the God of love who brings healing and wholeness to all of the world. 

Pr. Melissa